DA Rachael Rollins goes for Gov. Baker's throat

Gov. Charlie Baker’s top public safety official, Thomas Turco III sent Suffolk County DA Rachael Rollin’s a letter. The letter expressed concern over some of her more controversial policies including a no-prosecute list for "low-level crimes" like drug possession and shoplifting.

In a press conference, Rollins took a swipe at Gov. Baker and his son referring to an incident when Baker's son was accused of inappropriately touching a woman on a plane last year.

"Candidly, not everyone gets the benefit of the Baker family when they have interacted with the justice system, they don't get to not get arrested, have the state police that reports to them handle the investigation," Rollins said.

“The administration does not engage in personal attacks and raised specific and legitimate public safety concerns that could affect the residents of the Commonwealth. We hope for an ongoing, productive dialogue on the important issues raised by Secretary Turco,” said Baker spokeswoman Lizzy Guyton.

However, the two are expected to set the reset button this week.

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