Shaunna O'Connell: You can't put rights of sex offenders over victims

State Representative Shaunna O’Connell calls for action after Boston 25 News reported registered sex offenders are legally changing their names in Massachusetts.

On the Kuhner Report, O’Connell said she plans to file legislation at the State House. She said, “You can't put rights of sex offenders over the victims.”

She added: “We’re talking about some of the most heinous crimes you could ever commit against a person, people, young children whose lives are just absolutely ruined, devastated, and I don’t have any sympathy for sex offenders.”

It's up to Massachusetts sex offenders to report their name changes to the registry board. If the registry board learns of a name change, it will update its database with the new information.

The Kuhner Report

The Kuhner Report

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