Charlie Baker: "Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles failed to act"

MA state officials say 'tens of thousands' of warnings on MA drivers were left in bins at RMV in Quincy.

In addition to failing to suspend the license of Zhukovskyy, the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles also ignored out-of-state violation reports since March of 2018. Tens of thousands of warnings about Massachusetts drivers piled up in a Quincy RMV, state officials said at a news conference on Monday.

"The RMV failed to act on critically important information that had been previously communicated by another state," Baker said. "This failure is completely unacceptable to me and to the residents of the commonwealth, who expect the RMV to do its job and track drivers' records.”

Seven bikers were killed last week when a pickup truck crashed into the group. Zhukovskyy pleaded not guilty to negligent homicide. Zhukovskyy had multiple run-ins with the law.

“The loss of life in any motor vehicle crash is a terrible tragedy, and our hearts go out to the friends and families to those who have been lost," Baker said. "The fact that the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles failed to act on information related to the driver responsible for this is deeply troubling and completely unacceptable."

"The registry must live up to its responsibility to track all violations no matter where they take place and take proper action on drivers who do not deserve to be on our roads," Baker said.

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