Superintendent bans soccer fundraiser for being racially "insensitive"

Weymouth Public School administrators have banned the sale of t-shirts created by a soccer boosters club that read “Wildcat White Out,” calling the shirts “insensitive.”

Superintendent Jennifer Curtis-Whipple said in a letter that women’s soccer boosters sold “white out” shirts without approval from Weymouth Public Schools.

“While we are not suggesting this booster group had any malicious intent—make no mistake, words matter. Seemingly innocent words may mistakenly cause someone else harm, even though unintended,” Curtis-Whipple wrote. “The innocence, or ignorance, of the speaker does not take away from the reader or listener their hurt or pain.”

“As an educational institution, we will work to use this error in judgment as a lesson. We will continue to promote a greater understanding of others, how what may be an innocent action to one may cause hurt in others, and create more tolerance of others different from ourselves,” she said.

Do you find the “whiteout” t-shirts racially insensitive?

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