Swampscott Selectman says he will resign due to threats from BLM

Swampscott Selectman, Don Hause, tells Jeff Kuhner, host of The Kuhner Report, he will resign from his position Wednesday evening.

Erik Heilman, a bartender at the popular Mission on the Bay restaurant in Swampscott wrote a Facebook post accusing Selectman Hause of calling the Black Lives Matter movement "liberal bull [expletive]."

Selectmen Hause has since been banned from the restaurant and says he’s received online threats.

“I’ve been bullied, I’ve been harassed, I’ve been threatened, my kids have been threatened, I’ve been branded a racist on social media and I’ve now been banned from the restaurant,” Hause said on The Kuhner Report.

Also Hause said, due to his inability to do his job combined to the threat to his family, he will be resigning.

“I am probably going to resign as a member of the board of Selectmen not because I’m admitting I did anything, because I didn’t.”

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