CNBC's Jim Cramer calls Speaker Pelosi “Crazy Nancy” during interview

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was a guest on CNBC with host Jim Cramer Tuesday morning to discuss the COVID-19 relief bill.

During the interview, Cramer referred to Nancy Pelosi as “crazy Nancy.”

“What deal can we have, crazy Nancy…” and then immediately stopped to explain, “I’m sorry, that was the president, I have such reverence for the office, I would never use that term, but it is hard isn’t it?”

Pelosi quickly responded, “But you just did!”

Cramer apologized Tuesday night on Mad Money for calling Pelosi “crazy Nancy.”

“Earlier today, when I talked to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on 'Squawk on the Street,' I made a very stupid comment," Cramer told his viewers. "It was a tongue-in-cheek attempt to make a point about the harsh tone of the negotiations in Washington. But it fell completely flat, and I apologize for that."

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