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Another Terrorist Attack in Boston? Rise of the Moors is an Islamist Group

The liberal media is lying again. They are refusing to confront the seminal fact about the arrest of 11 militia members over the weekend in Wakefield, Massachusetts: Radical Islam has reared its ugly head once more.

On Saturday, members of Rise of the Moors, a Muslim black supremacist group, engaged in a 9-hour standoff with police on I-95. Their leader, Jamhal Talib Abdullah Beym, livestreamed the highway confrontation on the group’s YouTube channel. If it were not for the expertise of Massachusetts state police, there very likely could have been a bloodbath.

Rise of the Moors is based in Rhode Island. Talib Abdullah Beym claims that 11 members of the militia were traveling in two vehicles early Saturday morning. They allegedly were on their way to a “private property” compound in Maine to conduct “military-style drills” and “training.” A Massachusetts state trooper spotted them on the side of the breakdown lane at approximately 1:30 am using gas canisters to fill-up their cars. They say they ran out of gas.

All of them were in military fatigues and wore body armor. They were also armed to the teeth—carrying long guns, shotguns, pistols and handguns. According to Talib Abdullah Beym, their weapons had live ammunition. When the officer asked them to provide their driver’s licenses, the militia members refused. When the officer then asked to see their firearms’ licenses, they responded by saying they did not possess any. The officer (rightly) realized he was confronting a dangerous, lawless and heavily armed group, calling in massive back-up. Eventually, after shutting down large swathes of I-95 and putting the towns of Reading and Wakefield on lockdown for hours, all 11 militiamen were arrested and charged with numerous crimes—most of them involving violations of firearm laws.

The media initially ran wild with the story. CNN, MSNBC, the local networks—all of them were throwing words such as “militia” and “anti-government movement” around. Their aim—and great hope—was obvious: to cast Rise of the Moors as some kind of white supremacist, white nationalist militia group. Yet, when it turned out the group was not only all-black but Islamist as well, the corrupt liberal media immediately dropped all interest in the story. It didn’t fit their leftist, anti-white and anti-Trump narrative.

Moreover, the police and media establishment remarkably regurgitated and took on face value the ridiculous claims made by the group. In particular, that 11 men dressed in fatigues and walking around I-95 with loaded long guns hanging from their shoulders were simply on their way to play Rambo in the Maine woods. I don’t believe them—and neither should anyone else.

These militia members could’ve easily done “military-style drills” at their compound in Rhode Island. There was no need to travel to Maine. Also, Rhode Island to Maine takes only several hours by car. How does anyone run out of gas for such a relatively short trip—and to do it in the middle of the night? It’s preposterous. More importantly, who drives in their military fatigues and carries their loaded guns with them on the way to conduct drills on private property? Most sane people put their gear and weapons—properly stored and separated from their ammunition—in the trunk. The only reason to be in full fatigues, wearing body armor and possessing weapons with live ammo is to engage in terrorism. In other words, they were dressed and armed to kill.

Rise of the Moors is a Muslim extremist group. They refuse to recognize the legitimacy of the U.S. government or America itself, including all federal, state and local laws. They believe (falsely) that the United States signed a treaty with Morocco in 1787, which gives blacks special status, privileges and immunity from all domestic laws. They also seek to restore the Islamic caliphate of the Moorish empire in North Africa, which for over 700 years invaded and conquered much of southern Europe—including Spain and Sicily. In short, they are part of a larger Islamist, black supremacist movement bent on destroying the United States and the West.

That 11 heavily armed members of such a vile, dangerous group on a Fourth of July weekend were simply joyriding to Maine to have some fun in the woods, while running out of gas on the highway, defies common sense and objective reality. The sad truth is that the Greater Boston area has become a hotbed for Muslim terrorists and radical Islamists. The Boston Marathon Bombing is a case in point.

The public deserves to know what these thugs were really up to. Were they planning another terrorist attack? I bet the answer is: yes.

-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston. His daily show airs 6:00-10:00 am EST. He can be reached at:

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