President Trump won't sign CR

We've been waiting and now we learn that President Trump will not sign the proposed spending bill from the Senate to avoid a government shutdown. In addition, the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan cancelled a scheduled press conference this morning to go to the White House and speak to the President. Rumor has it, the President was ripping this bill and was NOT happy. President Trump refuses to sign any bill that does not include funding for the wall. Why? Because he NEEDS it. It was a campaign promise he ran on and talked about at every single rally. Trump's base voted for him strongly based on the statement from him to "Build That Wall!". Now President Trump after two years in, is realizing that without this wall he is looking at a huge drop in numbers and that could very well cost him a second term. 

The Democrats refuse to give him any money for the wall and it's no secret they don't want it period and so therefore why would they want to grant him money towards it? The clock is ticking for the President because come the new year, the Democrats are going to gain more control having won big in this past election so it's almost now or never! If he doesn't get it done before the new year, it's even more unlikely he'll get it approved in the new year. That's why the pressure is on!

Paul Ryan finally made an appearance outside the White House after a very LONG meeting with President Trump regarding this Senate bill proposed last night and we can only assume that it was not a very pleasant meeting...

The absence of funding for the wall and lack of promise for it in the near future, has Trump supporters angered. Media supporters such as Ann Coulter, as of late, has ripped the President for what's appearing to be this "fake campaign promise". Coulter was on the Howie Carr show last evening and boy did she tear into him! Take a listen HERE! 

The President is in serious danger of losing a good chunk of his base if he does not follow through on this wall campaign promise. He knows that. Coulter knows that & that's why we're facing this government shutdown. 

If we don't get the funding for the wall and the wall is not built, is that a deal breaker for you to vote for Trump again? What do you think regarding this potential shutdown? Are you in favorite of it? We discuss:

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