KFC's new Colonel Sanders bearskin rug!

Kentucky Fried Chicken is doing it again...they are promoting a new quirky product that is KFC themed. First it was the fire log that when burned released the aroma of herbs and fried chicken. Then it was the gravy candle they were giving away to lucky winners in the UK. Now...are you ready for it? They are doing a contest for your chance to win a Colonel Sanders bearskin rug for you home. Yes, you heard that right! It's a white bearskin rug that features the Colonel's head at the top of the rug, then his hands and feet at the corners, just like a bearskin rug, only with the Colonel! Now that's a whole other level of KFC obsession.

KFC is promoting this Colonel-skinned rug as part of their Valentine's Day promotion. In addition to the rug, the lucky couple wins a year's worth "KFC themed date nights"-chicken themed PJ onsies, a KFC gift card, and 1 year's worth of access to an online streaming service. Those are all part of the prize package.

There are a couple ways to enter KFC's contest to win your Colonel-skinned rug. They are accepting submissions through Reddit. Here are the three options of how to enter:

  • Using Photoshop to “transform an image of the Colonel Sanders rug into a humorous, outlandish or romantic digital masterpiece”
  • Submitting a “narrative” which centers on a KFC-themed “romantic vignette”
  • Or drawing a “one-of-a-kind art piece depicting their ideal romantic evening, inspired by the Colonel Sanders faux rug, of course."

Three lucky winners will be announced by February 11th so get your submissions in now!

Will I be participating? No. This rug creeps me out...just a bit!

-Producer Lightning

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