Frozen cat is brought back to life!

A 3 year old cat in Montana named Fluffy, was found by her owners, literally frozen and buried in the snow outside. They thought she was a goner but took her to their local veterinary clinic and miraculously the vets at the Animal Clinic of Kalispell in Montana were able to dethaw the cat and after a couple of hours Fluffy was okay. When Fluffy first came in, her temperature was naturally very low and she was essentially unresponsive. Her temperature was so low it did not even register on their thermometer at the clinic.

Fluffy is an outdoor cat and the doctors and staff at the clinic think that prior to this snow storm or extreme weather, they think she either hurt herself or something traumatic happened to her that made her curl up in this position she was found in when frozen. Dr. Jevon Clark, who worked on Fluffy said: " These crabby cats are survivors. I suspect that something traumatic happened. Either something fell on her or she fell or something chased her and she got injured. … She couldn’t get back to her normal little hiding spots that she goes to.”

Luckily, Fluffy the cute, adorable cat has fully recovered and is safely at home with her family. After seeing that photo of her covered in the snowballs and stiff as a board, it truly is a miracle she survived!

-Producer Lightning

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