Biggest blunders of Part 1 of the Democratic Primary Debate

Part 1 of the Democratic Primary Debate was last night on NBC. There were a LOT of technical issues that NBC had along with some blunders by the candidates themselves. Let's breakdown what the biggest blunders of the night were:

1) NBC's Technical mic issues. EVERYONE is talking about that today. When Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow were moderating and Todd was asking about gun control and directing the question towards Elizabeth Warren, there was some obvious background noise going on that had not only the listening audience wondering but the candidate on stage looking puzzled as well because they could not fully hear the question Todd was asking.


2) Congressman Delaney is off in La La Land. This guy at least twice during the night had to clarify and ask again what was going on. The first was when the moderator asked all the candidates to answer briefly what the biggest threat to America was and after explaining the question and first going to Delaney, he immediately said, "what was the question again?". Then when it was time for closing remarks, they just came back from break (which you know they were telling the candidates closing remarks were coming up) they explained they were going to closing remarks now and starting with Delaney and when they went to him, he was just taken back looking like oh we're doing this now?"


3) Julian Castro advocates for reproductive rights with healthcare and that's all fine and great till he drops the line saying not to forget about the transgender community and transgender females should have the right to choose. Um...correct me if I'm wrong but transgender females are biologically born male so they don't need to would be transgender males that he is referring to so that was a major blunder in what he thought was a drop the mic statement.


4) Governor Inslee of Washington, who we all just discovered who the heck he was...had some factually incorrect statement he made regarding McDonald's. He made a comment saying it was not right that the CEO made a ton more than the worker "slinging hash". Um...McDonald's does not make hash or I should say "sling hash"...they make hash browns. That was a shaking my head moment for sure.


5) Chuck Todd put his foot in his mouth when asking Amy Klobuchar about gun control and connecting gun confiscation to government gun buyback programs. Klobuchar corrected him right away, making Todd look idiotic. It was entertaining to say the least.


Those are just 5 of the top blunders that happened during Part 1 of the Democratic Primary Debate. There were more and I'm sure there will be more tonight during Part 2 of the Democratic Primary Debate with the remaining candidates. Let's just hope they don't have anymore technical issues because that would be embarrassing for them.


-Producer Lightning

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