Journalist Andy Ngo attacked by ANTIFA

Journalist and an editor for the Quillette, Andy Ngo was documenting a protest or gathering that was being held by the radical group ANTIFA in Portland, Oregon when he got violently attacked. The radical group threw milkshakes on Andy and they were not ordinary milkshakes, the drink contained quick drying cement that ended up causing serious damage and harm to Ngo. Police were not immediately present when the incident took place, they caught up with Andy after the fact. This is the initial rough up that took place against Andy Ngo that left him having to go to the ER for treatment:

Andy Ngo immediately filmed a video of himself after the attack dealing with the injuries he had when police approached him to assist him in his time of need. He confronted them about where they were when the incident happened...

Additionally Andy Ngo tweeted out a picture of his injuries that sparkled a lot of attention.

What do you make of this? I think ANTIFA should be ashamed of themselves. This is a prime example of the left and their craziness of when someone doesn't agree with their agenda or beliefs they meet them with violence. They can't handle someone's difference of opinion; they are offended so deeply that they feel the need to lash out violently and I think that's what terrorism is.

-Producer Lightning

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