Woman hangs hair over back of her airline seat...would you say something?

An Australian woman was flying on an airplane when she decided to hang her long hair over the back of her seat. Her hair was so long that it hung down over the TV screen of the passenger behind her...this male passenger did not say anything to the Australian woman, he just took a picture of the incident and posted it on social media. People turned ugly on the male for posting this photo without even speaking to the woman to ask her to move her hair. Who is right here? Should the male passenger have said something to the woman first and ask her to please move her hair or was his actions of posting a picture publicly warranted?


He posted that picture on Facebook saying "How rude. Where's a pair of scissors when you need them?"

If this happened to you, what would you do? I personally would tap her on the shoulder first and I'd like to think I would be graceful about it and say something like "pardon me, I hate to bother you...would you mind moving your hair so I can watch so and so...". Even if you're not watching anything and just bothered by it, turn on the TV so it looks credible and then tap her on the shoulder and ask her. What's the worst she's going to do say, no? She then would look like the total jerk and that's when I would then take a picture and blast her. I would only take a private photo, share it with my husband and complain a little, ask her, then post the picture if she gave me attitude. I feel like nowadays everyone wants to act like this computer tough guy behind a screen and is so afraid of confrontation or to even speak to anyone. That's just sad. Speak up, act gracefully, and then act accordingly.

What do you think?


-Producer Lightning

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