How WRKO has aged over the years...

Ever wonder what your favorite WRKO personalities would look like when they were say 80 or 90 years old? Well now you don't have to wonder, you can see with the new Faceapp Challenge! Your favorite morning radio show: "The Kuhner Report" as well as your favorite Midday Show: "VB in the Middle" took part in this challenge and the results are quite shocking! Take a look at each person's picture today and then what they will look like when they are 80 or 90 years old! Which one is your favorite? Who looks the best and aged the most gracefully? You be the judge!

The Kuhner Report:

Jeff Kuhner

Jeff Kuhner now & later

Brittany Jennings

Brittany Jennings now & later

Matt McElwain aka "Ultra Matt"

Ultra Matt now & later


Jarred Diglio

Jarred Diglio now & later

VB in the Middle:


VB now & later


Lightning now & later


Waffles now & later

Who do you think aged the most gracefully? Now Waffles was not pleased with the results for the "VB in the Middle" crew so he improved them just a bit and this is the result...


NAILED IT Waffles!

-Producer Lightning

VB in the Middle


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