Berkeley, CA to ban "gendered language" like "manhole" & "chairmen"...

The city of Berkeley, California has voted to eliminate it's gendered language from it's municipal codes. That means that the city is replacing commonly used terms and language such as "manhole" and "manpower" with other gender neutral phrases and language. The city does not want such language being used as they find it non-inclusive. A city council member Rigel Robinson spoke to local media outlets about the city's vote and why they went in this direction: “Having a male-centric municipal code is inaccurate and not reflective of our reality. Women and non-binary individuals are just as entitled to accurate representation. Our laws are for everyone, and our municipal code should reflect that.” This vote passed without any objection or major conversation to be had.


To clarify these terms will be changed:

"Manhole" to "Maintenance Hole"

"Fraternity/Sorority" to Collegiate Greek System Residence"

"Manpower" to "Human Effort"

"Pregnant women/woman" to "Pregnant Employees"

"Watchmen" to "Guards"


Okay...this is a bit ridiculous. You ask how far is too far? This is too far. WOMEN ARE THE ONES WHO GET PREGNANT! Not Men. You can make the argument that transmen can get pregnant but they have "female parts" if they get pregnant ergo it's the female part of them that gets pregnant! As a women, this aggravates me...I'm sorry if this sounds ignorant to anyone and it's sad that I even needed to preface my opinion with that statement but women are the only ones who get pregnant regardless of what gender you decide mentally you want to be later on. Scientifically women, that species, that gender, whatever phrase you want to call it, are the ones/beings who can carry a child. Whether you like it or not or wish you were another gender, some people are just born with female parts and we use language to describe that and we call them "females". That's just the way it is. To take that fact and phrase away from women, those who carry children, is not only idiotic but a bit disrespectful to women and undermines the miraculously ability they have.

-Producer Lightning

VB in the Middle


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