NY Cops get buckets of water thrown on them & don't react...

Police officers in New York City were doused with water in two separate incidents that took place across the city. In one incident an two officers had water thrown on them as they were walking down a street in Brooklyn. The second incident took place in Harlem where an officer was trying to make an arrest and had a civilian come up behind him and douse him with a bucket of water. These incidents are a mystery as to why they were attacked with water. Was it a new social media challenge? Were they isolated incidents brought about by a particular group of individuals? It's all being looked into. Both incidents were captured on video and have gone viral.


Both the Mayor of New York City (and Democratic candidate for President) & The NYC Police Benevolent Association have tweeted out about this incident of their officers being "attacked".


What do you make of this behavior? I personally think it's disrespectful, shameful, and just plain mean. Our officers whether you like the rules of the country or not (not their fault, they don't make the laws just tasked with enforcing them) deal with the worst of human behavior EVERY SINGLE DAY. You can't even imagine the type of crap they have to not only see but diffuse, solve, and handle on a daily basis. They are the problem solvers in your community, the ones you turn to for help and there seems to be this new view of them that they are the bad guys and should be treated as such when in reality they are the ones who run towards problems not away and should be treated with respect. I think this water dousing is ignorant and should result in at least a night in jail to show that these individuals deserve respect and your punk attitude is not going to be tolerated because you are distracting them from their jobs.


-Producer Lightning

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