Man flashes woman in Cambridge; his identity is still unknown

An unidentified man was jogging along the Charles River in Cambridge when he decided it was a good idea to flash this oncoming woman as she passed him by. What this unidentified man was not expecting was that this woman was a 6'1 ex Israeli military member who chased him down and was not about to let him get away with his actions! This all went down last Thursday morning at around 7:30am. The woman tried getting oncoming joggers to help her and call 911 but no one did, which was surprising so she had to let him go but in doing so said: I’m going to get you darling.” Needless to say the man was very frightened. Luckily the incident was captured on video by local surveillance cameras. Here is the incident as it was taking place:

Do you think this man actually did flash the woman or was he just grabbing or itching at himself? Is it possible she was mistaken? I think what I'm more shocked about is the other bystanders who ignored the woman's urgency to call 911 and help her. They just ran or walked by and ignored her. What if that was a more serious situation and she really needed assistance and was not this ex-military woman who could handle herself? People need to be more aware and rally together or at least stop and ask questions if someone is in need of help. Jeez...if you know anything about the identity of this man, contact Boston Police.

-Producer Lightning

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