Is the craft brewing industry racist? This Boston Globe columnist thinks so

Columnist Shirley Leung of the Boston Globe has put out a new column suggesting that the craft brewing industry has a "diversity problem". In other words, the culture surrounding craft brewing is racist; that's the claim she is making. The big question, is she right? I don't think so. I won't deny that there is a large base of hipster males that are attracted to craft breweries but that does't mean that breweries themselves are targeting white males and excluding those of other races. Leung made this claim of the industry having a diversity problem based off of one isolated incident that took place at the Angry Orchard brewery up in NY where an African American male was singled out and questioned for being suspected of stealing a T-shirt from the gift shop. Now we don't know both sides of that story, only the African American male's account of the situation. Does that mean all craft breweries are racist then? No.That's absurd.

Is the NBA racist for not having as many Asians or Whites as African American/Blacks? No. Some cultures and people are attracted different hobbies, activities, interests etc. based off of various things like upbringing, culture, financial ability, etc. It's not built to exclude certain minorities or target certain individuals, there is literally just different cultural interests in various people, that's the way it is. I've seen more white males at breweries than anyone else, I won't deny that. That's not to say I have not seen African Americans, Asians, or women, I have but white men are just attracted to beer because they are, not because they were targeted to be and minorities were left out or discouraged from partaking. VB made a good point earlier asking if clam bakes were racist because he has seen more white people at them than African Americans. The answer is no. It's just a clam bake and some cultures partake in certain types of food more so than others. It could be based on their geographical upbringing, what their parents fed them, etc. There are so many socioeconomic reasons as to why different cultures have different interests. It's not a matter of racism. This is a concrete example of how liberals are literally looking for and wanting some things to contain racism just so they can cry wolf. Sorry Leung, this one's not racist.

To read Leung's original story, visit their website HERE.

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