7 year old Indian boy has 526 teeth removed from his mouth!

A 7 year old Indian boy after complaining of severe jaw and mouth pain was brought to a local hospital by his parents only to discover the cause of his pain was not cancer, like they expected but something else rather peculiar. The child had severe swelling in his jaw so his parents thought the worst and that it was cancer. The hospital in India did a CT scan and X-Ray and found a large sac inside the boy's mouth that contained hundreds of teeth! The boy, was taken to the Saveetha Dental College in Chennai in southern India where they performed surgery to remove the sac containing all these teeth from the boy's mouth. It took doctors about 5 hours to remove the 526 teeth!

The child, Ravindran, is now back to normal, feeling good and eating normal. His father Parbhu made a statement saying: "I am very happy now that my child is fine. I am relieved. He is eating happily and leading a normal life."

-Producer Lightning

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