Ever had to pay to attend a birthday party? These kids did...

A mother from the UK took to an online forum, "mumsnet", to complain about and ask for advice regarding a birthday party her child's classmate was hosting. Her son was invited to a birthday party where his entire class was invited to go, go-kart riding. The catch was that each guest had to pay 70 Euros to attend the party! In other words they were paying for the transportation, activity, and remaining balance of the day. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Other parents have taken to social media to blast this mother who asked guests to attend her child's party. They are saying if you can't afford to pay for the party yourself, scale back the party and activities.

1) Have you ever been asked to pay a fee to attend a kid's birthday party? (we're not talking an exclusive party, we're talking your regular kid)

2) Was this mother in the right or wrong to ask for money?

This is the original post from the mother on the "mumsnet" website, HERE.

By the way, this was for a 14th birthday party. Other parents on the online forum, think this mother asking for money might be trying to make a profit off of this party because $125 for each child adds up to a LOT of money for a birthday party...the parent who initially wrote on the forum wondering what to do if she should pay to send her child or not is leaning towards not paying for her kid and just taking her child and a friend herself to go, go-karting. What would you do in this situation? I'm not a parent and I don't have pressure from a child about wanting to go so I can't say for sure. It's easy to say "no way", I'll take you myself but i'm sure the child wants to join their other classmates in the party celebrations. It's a tough call but it's absolutely ignorant of this mother to ask for money to host the party "she wants" to host. Scale it back and have a party YOU can afford.

-Producer Lightning

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