Is the name "Fredo" a racial insult towards Italians? Cuomo thinks it is...

Chris Cuomo was out in NY when he was approached by a guy who came up to him and called him "Fredo". Cuomo lost his cool and started mouthing off to the guy and challenged him to a fight. The anonymous guy claimed he thought "Fredo" was Chris Cuomo's actual name. This angered Cuomo so much that he started dropping F bomb after F bomb till some body guards starting blocking the two men from fighting.

This video immediately went viral getting millions of views and the attention of politicians and celebrities alike; this includes President Trump who couldn't help himself...

As you saw in that video, this all stemmed from the anonymous guy calling Cuomo, "Fredo". Chris claims this is an insult towards Italians. Really? Is it? I've never heard that and I'm Italian...additionally I married into a 100% Italian family and this is news to me. Cuomo claims "Fredo" is the same as using the "N word" towards an African American. What? Where is he coming up with this stuff? The "N word" contains an entire ugly history and background on what African Americans were called and in what context at that time in history. "Fredo" is a character in the The Godfather movie who is the weaker brother of the family. "Fredo" is not a racial slur. That's just an absurd comment by Cuomo & his ego was hurt when someone called him that.

And because people can't keep this just a racial issue, we have to throw in another discrimination issue into the mix too like sexism. Meghan McCain tweeted out about the Chris Cuomo incident saying that if a woman in media acted like this, she would not be let off so easily as Cuomo.

Do you think she has a point? I'd like to think she's wrong and hope that our society has moved forward from labeling woman as "too emotional" or "unhinged" if they speak up and out when challenged. I'm not fully buying into the double standard.

Just for giggling, here is a spot on impression by Waffles of Fredo from The Godfather:

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