Reports say a guard at a RI ICE detention center drove into protesters

A group of protesters from "Never Again Action", a Jewish organization, were outside the Wyatt Detention Center in Rhode Island protesting when they claim one of the guards in a pickup truck tried slamming into them. The pickup truck was heading into the employee only entrance, as he was trying to get into his place of work to start his shift. These Jewish protesters were blocking the entrance into the parking lot for employees. The guard was merely trying to get to work as these 40-50 protesters linked arms blocking the entrance. The pickup truck did move his vehicle towards the protesters as he was trying to get to work but did not purposely hit them or run them over...the protesters flocked his car as he drove close to them and caused an uproar where they got so riled up, other guards had to pepper spray the crowd. As a result of the pickup truck trying to move forward through the crowd, 5 people suffered non-life threatening issues from "being hit".

This is the video of the guard driving the pickup truck towards the crowd. What do you make of it?


Did this guard go too far? I think he was in the right for doing what he did. It's not like he went 90 miles an hour towards these protesters. This is his place of work and you, the protesters are preventing this worker from making his living and providing for this family; regardless of your personal opinion on where he works. There is no need for the protesters to block the entrance. Protest, sure, but don't prevent the workers from working.


-Producer Lightning

VB in the Middle


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