Flight instructor passes out mid-air with 1st time student pilot!

Out of Australia, a student pilot named Max Sylvester took off with his flight instructor for his first ever flight training session. Sylvester was in for the surprise of his life when his flight instructor ended up passing out mid air! Mind you this was the student's first time operating a plane and never landed a plane or aircraft before! Sylvester radio-ed to air traffic control at the Perth Jandakot Airport in Western Australia and told them about his situation saying: "He's leaning over my shoulder, I'm trying to keep him up but he keeps falling down." Air traffic control went on to ask him if he knew how to operate the plane and he told them it was his first lesson. They guided him into landing the plane, encouraging and complimenting him as he went along. Sylvester ended up safely landing the "Cessna two-seater" aircraft and his instructor was admitted to the hospital and has been in stable condition.


This was luckily a happy ending for all parties involved. Sylvester's wife was looking on with their children as he safely landed the plane. The instructor is believed to have suffered a heart attack in mid air but is fortunately doing well now. Sylvester said he will definitely fly again and will not let the incident prevent him from doing so. He went on to say: "Well my flight instructor did say I was the best student he'd had."

-Producer Lightning

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