Man was charged $100,000 for a beer!

A man from Australia, Peter Lalor, who is a cricket journalist, was in Manchester, England covering a match when he decided to go to a local hotel for a beer. He ordered a bottle of Deuchars IPA and to his surprise, it was not only the most expensive beer he'd ever pay for, but it was the most expensive beer ANYONE has ever paid for previously. The beer was supposed to cost roughly $5.50 but Lalor was charged $100,000 for one drink! It was a mistake by a member of the wait staff that somehow accidentally charged that much for his one beer. HOW?! A couple dollars off, maybe $10 by accident but thousands? That's a stretch...


Apparently when the bill was presented to Lalor, he did not have his reading glasses on and just handed the wait staff member his credit card. He did not ask for a receipt either. Before leaving he claims something told him to ask how much his beer was, the staff member checked the receipt, covered her mouth and started giggling. The manager was brought over and said the problem would be fixed.


The hotel Malmaison, has since been in contact with Lalor and they are working on refunding his money. Since being assured he will be refunded, Lalor has had a bit of a sense of humor & gave some sage advice to others...


-Producer Lightning

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