POTUS Trump cancels talks with the Taliban

We find out that President Trump and was supposed to have a secret meeting with the Taliban at Camp David to discuss possible negotiations between the United States and the terrorist organization. The Taliban has a strong hold over Afghanistan and controls or has swaying power over at least half of the country. So far in the last 18 years that the United States of America has been in the Middle East, roughly about 2,400 U.S. service members have been killed as a result of attacks by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

These negotiations between the two parties would mean that the United States of American would pull out troops from Afghanistan in return for the Taliban's guarantee that they will not carry out global terror attacks. This potential deal would only mean a reduction in violence in Kabul and Parwan, where there is a U.S. Military base. The planning of a potential negotiation meeting has been in the works for about a year and the sudden cancellation by President Trump has left many confused as to why. One could speculate and assume it might play into the fact that many are worried that if the U.S. pulls out, it would leave the Afghan region and government very vulnerable to Taliban attacks and ultimately a civil war that could kill thousands...


Secretary Pompeo talked to CNN's Jake Tapper regarding the cancelled meeting between the Taliban & the United States of America:


What do you think about the possibility of terrorists like the Taliban being invited to come on U.S. soil?


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