VB's Column: "Young Me and Old Me"

This past Thursday I did something that "twenty years ago me" would have never thought possible. I went to a COUNTRY music concert, in Connecticut, headlined by a female artist. And I did it of my own free will. While this may seem like no big deal to you today, if you knew the "young me" of twenty years ago, you would find this remarkable. "Young me" HATED country music, "young me" didn't particularly like going to concerts of any kind, and "young me" LOVED NFL football. Last Thursday just so happened to be the kickoff of the NFL regular season. But instead of watching Packers-Bears, as "young me" would 100% have done, "old me" was at a Maren Morris concert in Wallingford, CT. So how'd that happen?

  The answer is simple: I met a "girl." (That's a Maren Morris pun for those who aren't familiar with her.) When I first met my wife, she swore that she hated country music. But as the years passed, her "I hate country music" turned into "but there is that one Rascal Flatts song." Then she asked me, "is Zac Brown country, because he's got some songs I really like?" And when that Hootie guy did the song "Wagon Wheel," it was all over. My wife was now an official card-carrying member of 101.7 The Bull. But while my better half had gone all-in on THAT music, I had not. "Young me" was still fighting it.

  Then one fateful day The Bull played a song called "My Church." My wife claims she'd played it for me a year earlier and I dismissed it (I have no recollection of that), but hearing it in the car that day I was blown away. I told my wife right then that if Maren Morris ever came up North, we were going to see her, and last Thursday we headed South to Connecticut and did just that. And she was GREAT. Her encore was "My Church," and you better believe I was belting it out right along with her, much to my wife's embarrassment. "Young me" would have been equally mortified. (As Thomas Rhett says, "Ain't it funny how life changes...")

  So here's the question for you: what's the thing you've done recently that "young you" would be appalled by? 

VB in the Middle


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