That time VB tried to be "cool" like the millennials & it failed miserably

VB just had to try and be "Mr. Cool Guy" by being hip and ordering off of the Starbucks "Secret Menu". He saw the latest addition to the menu, an "IT" themed Frappuccino that has been circulating the internet. VB did not know specifically what it contained, just what it looked like and decided to try and order one today via drive-thru at the local Starbucks on his way to the station. He was intrigued by the horror tie in with this novelty drink. The drink had the effect that it looked like there was blood dripping down the side of it and that's what sold VB because he's not usually a Starbucks guy. Waffles and I thought he failed miserably when he tried picking up this "IT" Frappuccino. Just watch this epic fail...

Mistake 1) He went through the drive-thru to order off of the secret menu.

-Always go in to size up the baristas to make sure they know what they're doing and judge if you think they know what's up with the secret menu

2) Don't mention the "secret menu".

-You look like an amateur and it would not be a secret menu if you outwardly order off of it!

3) There is no such thing as a "large" at a Starbucks, it's a Venti!

Waffles & I would not be good producers if we did not rip VB on his failed attempt at acting like a millennial. Had he come to us beforehand, he might not have had this blunder happen at Starbucks this morning...

-Producer Lightning

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