The White House releases the official transcript with the Ukraine President

There has been a lot of controversy as of late over Joe Biden's son working for a Ukrainian gas company and POTUS Trump asking the Ukraine President for a favor looking into what happened. How did he get that job when he never worked in the gas industry before or had any history leading up to this position? During the time Hunter Biden was working for this Ukrainian gas company, his father was Vice President of the United States. The gas company was investigated by a Ukrainian prosecutor and coincidentally enough Joe Biden, the then VP withheld $1 Billion in aid until that very prosecutor was fired...

President Trump wanted to look into what happened here with Hunter Biden's son & asked the Ukraine President Zelenskyy to do him a favor and look into it. Now it was the way he asked the Ukraine President. Did he bribe him as some Democrats were saying, that he would withhold military aid if he didn't do what he wanted? No. President Trump did no such thing. Is it illegal what he did? Can he not ask for a favor despite the way he worded it?

This is the official transcript here for you to read and judge for yourself:

Now after reading this transcript for yourself, do you agree with Rep. Adam Schiff that this was far more damning than he expected?

Does this transcript really change anything for you? Is the proof from this Ukraine transcript contain an impeachment offense made by POTUS Trump? I don't think so. Maybe I don't care for the slimy way each party schmoozes one another then gets down to business but that's the nature of the game, and President Trump is just playing the game the way he knows best. He's smart, he knows what he's doing and he wouldn't do or say something that puts his reputation on the line.

-Producer Lightning

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