Lightning in a Bottle: September

This month's beer choice for "Lightning in a Bottle" is the highest I've scored any beer thus far! Now, it's pumpkin spice season people and that means all the fun fall beers that go along with that! It's really my favorite time of the year for beers. There are so many great beers that come out in the fall and September is really the kickoff to all of them; beers like Pumpkinhead, Octoberfest, and so many more! This month I chose a new beer (to me) that I've been hearing a lot about. My husband is a big fan and he, like me loves Pumpkinhead and he said, dare I say it, it's right up there with our beloved Shipyard Pumpkinhead, so I had to try it for myself! The beer is Pumking by Southern Tier Brewing Co. a brewery out of NY. It is an imperial ale that has a high alcoholic volume, almost double that of Shipyard's Pumpkinhead at a whopping 8.6% alc! In other words this beer packs a punch! I had to try it & I finally did and boy did I enjoy it...take a look!

This is my new favorite beer! Of course I still love Pumpkinhead but Pumking is now right up there with it in the same league. I'm so intrigued by this brewery because not only did they impress me with this Pumking beer of theirs that smacks my taste buds right away with pumpkin and goes down smoothly with no bad after taste, they have other awesome sounding beers such as "Warlock", "Cold Press Coffee Pumking", "Imperial Cinnamon Roll Ale", "Nitro S'mores", and more! They have multiple locations in Charlotte, N.C., Lakewood, N.Y., Cleveland, Ohio, and Pittsburgh, P.A. If I'm ever in the area I'm certainly making a visit! Check this beer out, you'll be glad you did!

I'll leave you with this kick-ass promotional video of their fall beers!

-Producer Lightning

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