VB visits these grave sites in Texas...Bonnie & Clyde fans will love this!

It really is not a vacation for VB unless he visits some graves. As strange as it is, that's what fascinates VB so when he was in Texas it was no different than any other vacation. He visited at least 4 graves. Who did he visit you ask? The Texas Rangers who were responsible for bringing down and killing Bonnie & Clyde as well the infamous bandits Bonnie and Clyde themselves! He had to travel around a bit as they were not all buried in the same ceremony; spoiler alert...Bonnie & Clyde were not buried together despite Bonnie's wishes. Check out VB's graveside experiences starting with the Texas Rangers!

How about Bonnie Parker...

Then VB checks out Clyde Barrow's grave....

Oh just another day, another graveside visit for VB...

-Producer Lightning

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