Ellen DeGeneres addresses Twitter backlash over picture with President Bush

Comedian and TV Talk Show Host Ellen DeGeneres has been receiving some online backlash over a photo of her laughing with former President George W. Bush at a Cowboys/Packers NFL game over the weekend. They were sitting next to one another in the same Cowboys suite in Dallas on Sunday. Social media, mainly Twitter went crazy over the fact that Ellen who is a "gay Hollywood liberal" was enjoying the company of a "conservative Republican President". Ellen, being outspoken and fearless when it comes to addressing her own values and humanity, especially on her show, addressed this incident with her viewers on Monday's show. She had no problem explaining that people can still be friends even though they have a difference of opinion and in fact she herself says she's friends with numerous people who do not agree with her on a wide variety of issues. Ellen went on to take this opportunity to teach and preach about kindness and how it should not be limited to those who are just like you or agree with all the same things you do. Take listen to this powerful message:

I think this was a a great message for liberals and everyone alike. We are so divided politically and socially in some aspects that you see countless examples of people fighting with one another and treating each other with disrespect and ignorance based off of their differing opinions. Just this past week we saw a National Grid worker out of Belmont who was constantly slamming on his horn and harassing this woman because he disagreed with the bumper stickers on her car. The bumper stickers were in support of things like Elizabeth Warren, the LGBTQ community, and others. The man was a Trump supporter who was wearing a Trump 2020 hat and literally stopped his work vehicle outside her house and was antagonizing her. This type of behavior is unnecessary. Mind your own business and be kind to one another regardless of your differing opinions. Someone is not a bad person or does not need to be punished or treated with ignorance because they don't share the same values or view points as you. People on both sides need to be more like Ellen in demonstrating kindness and grace.

-Producer Lightning

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