Rep. Swalwell's flatulence of lies!

They are calling it "Fartgate"! The moment Representative Eric Swalwell let a fart rip live on the air when he was talking about President Trump "cheating an election" by using taxpayer dollars to ask the Ukrainians for help, on MSNBC's "Hardball with Chris Matthews". Massive debate has ensued questioning whether it really was a fart from Mr. Swalwell or was it a mug that Chris Matthews was dragging across his desk behind the scenes? A video of this incident has been circulating around the internet and people are watching it thousands of times to determine if it was indeed Swalwell based off of his body movement and his speech pattern when the supposed "fart" occurred.

Take a look at the video & you be the judge!

I initially did not believe this but the more I watch it and hear it and analyze his behavior, the more I can be talked into it really being him who farted live on the air!

-Producer Lightning

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