Chris "Fredo" Cuomo once again proving his nickname is perfect for him...

Chris "Fredo" Cuomo in what was such a pitiful attempt at making a point, proved once again why "Fredo" is the perfect nickname for him...he tried proving the point that you can indeed hear a full conversation on another person's cellphone when you are near by. So what did Cuomo do to prove his point? He called his mom on his cellphone and put her on SPEAKERPHONE...That's not proving the point Cuomo...that's defeating the purpose entirely. Fredo's attempt at debunking President Trump's comment where he said he has perfect hearing and has never been able to fully hear someone's conversation, failed miserably. This was just sad, thus proving once again that Chris has the perfect nickname: Fredo.

Looks like Fredo took POTUS Trump's advice here literally and it completely failed.

Oh Fredo...there is a reason you were never destined to be "The Godfather"'re not as smart as you think...

-Producer Lightning

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