Conan the dog awarded medal by POTUS Trump at the White House

Today Conan the military dog was awarded a plaque and medal from President Trump at the White House. It was for his involvement and key role in taking down the late ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. It was by far, POTUS Trump's best presser as of late. The First Lady stood at quite a distance, looking like she wanted no part of it. Vice President Mike Pence was all about it and soaked up every second with Conan, looking like the true dog person he is and Conan was loving Pence as well. Then President Trump's comments about Conan were gold. He said this about Conan receiving the medal: "I actually think Conan knew exactly what was going on". POTUS Trump went on to even say he thought the dog should be wearing a muzzle but then said Conan gets even more violent when wearing a muzzle so he had a choice and chose no muzzle!

This presser had everything VB and I wanted. A reporter asked the exact same question I would have asked and that is "are you going to adopt Conan"? and VB agrees with Trump's stance on wanting to muzzle the dog out of fear he'll nip someone!

This presser is one that will make your day because who doesn't love seeing dogs? Especially a dog at the White House!

-Producer Lightning

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