Peloton's Christmas Commercial; is it as offensive as some claim?

Peloton bikes are the hottest new trend. Peloton the company, makes these exercise bikes that start a little over $2k. What makes Peloton special is that these bikes feature live fitness classes that you can follow along with in the comfort of your own home. Sounds nice right? Well Peloton came out with a new Christmas ad that is causing a stir up. The Christmas ad features a slender, attractive woman who is surprised by her husband on Christmas morning when she gets a Peloton bike. People are taking aim with the commercial because they find it offensive that a husband would surprise his wife with a piece of exercise equipment, making it seem like she needs to lose weight. Take a look at this commercial and you tell us if you think it's offensive?

I think people are unnecessarily overreacting to this ad. Maybe the woman, while slender, does not wish to lose weight but rather gain muscle and strength and that's the reason she wants this bike. While it may happen naturally, not all fitness equipment is used to lose weight...I see nothing wrong with this husband getting his wife this bike because he obviously knew it was something she wanted, based on her reaction. I don't believe for one second that this expensive gift was on a whim and that he wanted her to lose weight. She wanted it and thus he is being a good husband in surprising her with this gift. I wish I was her! I want a Peloton bike!

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