WGBH Radio Personality publicly shames young kids for not wearing masks

Turtleboy has been the first to report that a longtime WGBH radio personality, Henry Santoro, took to social media and the app Next Door to post a picture of a family he saw out for a walk in his neighborhood, where the two children, ages 3 and 5 were not wearing masks. Santoro found the notion that these two young children were not wearing masks across the street from his house, as an affront to him and society. He immediately took a picture of the family and took to social media to publicly shame the family for not responding to his calls for them to have the kids wear masks. Furthermore he is calling on more information about the family from the public and threatened them saying they are being "watched".

This is the social media post that was put on the Next Door app that has now drawn lots of attention:

The sole purpose of Santoro's posting of this family on the Next Door app was to figure out their names and publicly shame them further. Was this type of behavior by a broadcaster who holds a publicly funded job paid for by the taxpayers of Massachusetts, warranted?

Just to showcase how challenging it can be for a young child close to the age of 3 years old to actually tolerate wearing a mask for any length of time, VB shows you what it's like for a parent to try and put a mask on a 2 and a half year old...

I'm not sure if Henry Santoro has kids but it sure doesn't seem like it or else he'd know how difficult it is, nearly impossible as VB just demonstrated, to get a young child to cooperate with even putting it on, not to mention keeping it on!

My thought is lets just settle down. The kids were with their parents across the street, not on your property, not touching your yard, so lets relax. It appears that boredom has set in hard for this one...

-Producer Lightning

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