Mary-Kate Olsen's husband kicks her out during pandemic; asks for divorce

One of the Olsen twins (known for starring in Full House), Mary-Kate Olsen, is asking a judge for an emergency divorce due to the fact that her husband Pierre Olivier Sarkozy kicked her out amid this Coronavirus pandemic. The couple have a luxury apartment in Manhattan, in the neighborhood of Greenwich Village. According to reports from TMZ, Sarkozy asked Olsen to vacate the premises of their apartment by Monday, May 18th. Olsen filed for divorce stating that she can not move out of the apartment due to the state's lockdown. The lockdown in the state of New York is expected to continue till at least June.

Why the "emergency divorce"? It's to prevent Sarkozy from throwing out Olsen's belongings. Apparently Sarkozy terminated their lease without Olsen's knowledge and the only way for her to protect her property with not being able to remove her belongings by May 18th, is to file for a divorce petition.

You thought you had it bad during this pandemic, huh? Don't mind arguing more, imagine your spouse not only wants to divorce you, but wants to kick you out where you have no place to go during this pandemic? Talk about a martial quarrel taking it to the next level!

-Producer Lightning

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