Joe Biden's latest gaffe: "millions of Americans have died" over COVID-19

Democratic front runner and presumptive 2020 candidate for President, Joe Biden, was hosting a virtual round-table yesterday. During this round-table, Biden had another gaffe, which has been commonplace during his campaign run. His mental sharpness has been something of a topic of conversation as a result of these gaffes that have built up over time. With this gaffe, he falsely stated that with Americans, there have been 85,000 jobs lost and millions of deaths due to COVID-19. The correct data is the opposite, where there have been 85,000 COVID deaths and 36.5 million jobs lost for Americans during this Coronavirus pandemic.

Does this gaffe make you concerned about Joe Biden's mental sharpness and ability to potentially carry on the high demanding and mental strain of being President? It concerns some seeing as how every time one of these gaffes occurs, we continuously talk about his mental fitness. Is this a political attacking point that is not entirely fair or is this a legitimate concern?

There is also a popular belief that the Democrats know what they are doing and are using Biden's condition to their advantage where he's the face but whoever is chosen to be his Vice President will actually be the true person they want to be President. This VP pick will step up a little after Biden's time in office after they claim he's mentally "unfit" to carry on the job and his health has taken a turn. That's what is scaring a lot of Republicans and those not in favor of Joe Biden for President. They see the writing on the wall...

What are your thoughts on Joe Biden's gaffes?

-Producer Lightning

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