Two Virginians rob a convenience store wearing watermelons over their heads

Two Virginians robbed a convenience store by wearing hollowed out watermelons with holes cut out for the eyes! The suspects robbed a Sheetz store down in Louisa, Virginia at about 9:35pm on May 5th. One suspect was identified as 20 year old Justin Rogers. He was charged with wearing a mask in public while committing larceny, underage possession of alcohol, and petit larceny of alcohol. The other suspect is still at large.

I understand times are tough amid this Coronavirus pandemic that has taken quite the toll on the economy but this incident brings a whole new meaning to the phase "melon-head"!

Local TV outlet, WAVY TV 10 caught up with some regular Sheetz customers who shared their thoughts on the robbery. Candice Wendt told WAVY this: "I think it’s ridiculous. Innovative but ridiculous. The amount of work that you have to do to actually hollow-out a watermelon to stick it on your head, I think, is kind of crazy…” “…why? Why would they do that? It’s so stupid.”

As crazy as this is and I don't condone it, I will give them props for creativity. Who the heck says I have a great idea...instead of using bandannas or Halloween masks, let's hollow out some watermelons?! Times are crazy, people are crazier!

-Producer Lightning

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