House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls President Trump "morbidly obese"!

House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi was speaking to CNN's Anderson Cooper on TV about President Trump admitting to taking the drug Hydroxychloroquine. Pelosi said she would rather our President not be taking something that has not been approved by the scientists and especially being in his age group and his "weight group...what is morbidly obese they say". President Trump has been taking the anti-malaria drug that has been linked to being an effective drug to combat the Coronavirus, for the past couple weeks. This admission by the President took a lot by surprise and some do not actually believe him when he says he has been taking it.

As of right now President Trump does not have the Coronavirus; he is tested on a regular basis. The reason he is taking this drug, and it has been confirmed by the White House doctor as well, is a preventative measure against getting the virus. Do you think it's a smart idea or do you agree with Nancy Pelosi, that it concerns you? Secondly, do you take any type of preventative medicines?

Also, do you believe President Trump is taking Hydroxychloroquine? Some like Joe Scarborough do not and in fact he is telling the public matter-of-factly, that the President is not taking the medication...mind you the White House doctor confirmed it in addition to President Trump so is Joe Scarborough calling the White House doctor a liar?

-Producer Lightning

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