Dr. Fauci to throw out first pitch at Nationals game; should he?

Dr. Fauci, arguably the leading infectious disease expert in the country, has accepted the Washington Nationals invitation to throw out the first pitch at their home opener this week. Fauci is a huge Nationals fan. He was spotted earlier in the summer, sporting a Nationals face mask when he appeared before the Senate during their Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee hearing. Despite the fact that Dr. Fauci is a big fan, he has warned about the dangers of having a full blown season of baseball. He never officially told the organization they should cancel the season all together, he urged them to do it in a safe, limited capacity given the current Coronavirus pandemic.

This is the official statement from the Nationals announcing Dr. Fauci's accepted invitation to throw out the first pitch this Thursday:

With this being announced and decided upon, 1) Do you have a problem with Dr. Fauci being the one to throw out the first pitch and 2) With no crowd present, should they even conduct a first pitch ceremony?

If we're doing a first pitch ceremony, Dr. Fauci would personally not be my first choice. I understand he's a huge fan but he would not be my first choice. I'd prefer our President to be asked to throw the first pitch over Dr. Fauci because he's our President and the face of our nation and Washington and what do the Nationals represent? The Washington area. Now, I don't hate that Dr. Fauci is doing it, fine, but he would not be my first choice. Just my thought. With that being said though, I don't see the need for a first pitch when there is no crowd in the park! What's the point? Why are we doing these little ceremonies to appease or entertain a crowd that is not there? I think it's pointless so not only would I not choose not to have Dr. Fauci throw out the pitch, I would choose to not have a first pitch ceremony, period! What do you think?

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