That time Tucker Carlson was refuted by Sean Hannity on live TV

During Fox News' crossover from Tucker Carlson's show to Sean Hannity's, the two hosts do a quick interaction as part of the transition where Carlson throws it to Hannity who is coming up next. Well, last evening Tucker Carlson was ending his program by criticizing Amazon founder Jeff Bezos for getting richer during this Coronavirus pandemic when Sean Hannity took the opportunity to refute Carlson. The audio does not do it justice, you have to physically see the look on Tucker Carlson's face when Hannity followed up with his ending comments by refuting him. It was priceless. Take a look at this exchange that happened on live TV last evening on Fox News:

Tucker did not expect that one!

Brand New Suit: $500

Fresh Haircut: $30

The look on your face when another TV host refutes you unexpectedly: Priceless.

-Producer Lightning

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