Chatham restaurants close over spike in COVID among workers

Down the Cape, in Chatham, Massachusetts, a number of local restaurants have had to physically shut their doors after a number of local restaurant workers contracted COVID-19. How did this happen? There was a party held on July 12th that a bunch of local restaurant workers attended, where at least 10 of those attendees have contracted COVID-19 directly from attending that party. It is believed that those who attended the party clearly did not social distance or wear masks, directly resulting in the spike in cases in the Chatham area. With that being said, it is Massachusetts policy that a restaurant needs to close for at least 24 hours to disinfect and deep clean the restaurant's space after an employee tests positive for COVID, thus resulting in extended closures for the local restaurants.

With this occurring down in the Chatham area, local restaurants have taken extra precautions. The Hanger B Eatery at the Chatham Airport has decided to close their doors and only do takeout for 2 weeks despite the fact that all who have been tested at the eatery have tested negative. Then, the Kream N' Kone said they were "quarantining until further notice". Additionally, The Knots Landing Bar & Grill has closed it's indoor dining room "until further notice". Other restaurants like the Land Ho!, and The Port in Harwich Port have just closed for 24 hours to disinfect.

If we learn anything from what's happened down there in Chatham, MA, it's that even though we want to party and gather together, we need to do so in the right way by social distancing and wearing masks, otherwise it will not only result in concerns to your health but concerns to the local economy! The Chatham area restaurants are taking a hit financially because some individuals did not follow protocol. This is not great news for Chatham, who is in their busy summer season when they make the most of their money. If you are a public worker, and by that I mean, someone who works in a public setting such as a local restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, ice cream parlor, etc. be extra cautious because you're in a position where you are physically going to work to serve the community; you're not "working from home". That's the lesson to be learned here for other communities and workers of those communities or else we'll be shutting down the economy once again. I know it sucks, but everyone has to do their part!

To read more about this spike in Chatham, read on, HERE.

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