Is this the worst first pitch in history? Fauci throws disastrous pitch!

Last evening, Dr. Fauci threw out the first ceremonial pitch at the Washington Nationals home opener. Dr. Fauci is a Nationals super-fan and was asked to threw out the first pitch as a way to honor all he has done tackling the Coronavirus pandemic in America this year. Did you watch last evenings game? Did you see the ceremonial first pitch? Let's just say Dr. Fauci delivered his pitch, "just a bit outside"! It caught the attention of many as social media lit on fire after it. Is this the worst first pitch you've ever seen? Take a look at this pitch at Nationals Park:

Yikes! This pitch is now being compared to the disastrous pitch 50 Cent delivered back in 2014. Now, I think 50 Cent's is far worse! So, at least Dr. Fauci did not do as bad as 50 Cent and furthermore, 50 is like 20 years younger than Dr. Fauci so that's an even better look for Fauci! Which pitch do you think is worse?

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