Couple wears Nazi swastika masks at Walmart; would you say something?

A couple in Minnesota decided to sport some Nazi swastika masks while shopping at their local Walmart. They took Nazi flags and wrapped them around their faces to act as a mask. Apparently, the couples' reasoning behind this is in response to the state's mask mandate that was put in place. They are protesting the mandate. Other patrons in Walmart who witnessed these masks, called the couple out for their offensive masks to which the couple responded saying they are "not Nazis", this is what will happen if you elect Joe Biden as president. They were making a political statement by wearing these masks. Watch the incident unfold here:

If you saw this couple would you say something? Would you speak up and confront them for wearing something that symbolizes hate for a race, a group of people? What is the breaking point for you? I can tell you what I would do. I'm not going to pretend and say I would say something because I would not. These people scare me and I certainly would not want to engage with them despite how offensive I find this. I would be the one who is shocked, stares, and takes a picture. Then, I would most likely tell other people about it so they can jump in. I'm not the one who initiates confrontation. I wait for someone to start with me, then I speak up. I would only speak up if those people start harassing me or someone else that needs help. This couple wants attention and I don't give in to "attention whores" (pardon my language there). This couple showed up to Walmart LOOKING for a confrontation and I'm not going to be the one to give it to them. Are their masks offensive? Absolutely! Should they wear it? No! Call me spineless but I'm not engaging with these people because if you're someone to come out and wear something like that, I think you're a bit unhinged and you never know what these people are capable of; that's why I inform someone else who is more fit to handle people like I don't know a professional shrink! What would you do if you saw this couple at your local Walmart? I suggest staying clear of them!

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