Waffles' Five Takeaways from Week Two of the NFL Season

Week 2 of the 2019 NFL Season is in the books and there is plenty to talk about after this Week's action! I'm sure you saw the major headlines, Patriots blow out Miami, Patrick Mahomes had a crazy second quarter against the Raiders, the Bears actually kicked a game winning field goal, etc. But I have some of the story lines that you may have not seen, let's get to it.

Every team’s goal is to catch fire to start a game…

The Titans came out HOT in their game against the Colts! No, not with their play on the field, but instead some sort of Pregame celebration prop caught on fire at the end of the tunnel that the team runs out of. Don’t worry, the flames were quickly extinguished and nobody was hurt. 


Unfortunately for the Titans, that was't a good omen for the team's performance on Sunday, they fell to Indianapolis 19-17.

The Legend of Gardner Minshew Continues…

Does this look like the face of a man who does his pregame stretch routine in just a jock strap?


If you thought yes, you are correct!

Apparently this isn’t a new thing either:


Unfortunately for Minshew, his Jaguars fell to 0-2. Maybe try wearing more clothes next time?

The Legendary career of Adam Vinatieri almost came to an end this week

The greatest Kicker of all time left seven points out on the field in the Colts six-point loss to the Chargers in Week One. He followed that up by missing both PAT’s he attempted in the team’s Week Two win against the Tennessee Titans. After the game the 46 year old future Hall of Famer told reporters he was going to take the night to think his future over, and then he’d let them know his plans on Monday. Indianapolis Head Coach Frank Reich apparently talked him out of any retirement plans and confirmed the team is committed to Vinatieri as their kicker. Keep an eye on this story as the season goes on.

Quarterbacks continue to drop like flies

Add Ben Roethlisberger and Drew Brees to the list of Quarterbacks that will miss significant time this season after both of the Super Bowl winning QB’s suffered injuries on Sunday afternoon. Big Ben is out for the season after suffering a non contact elbow injury, while Brees is reportedly out a minimum of 4-6 weeks after getting his thumb bent back by Aaron Donald when the Rams Defensive Tackle attempted to swat the ball out of Brees’ hand.


This list just seems to keep growing by the week, with Nick Foles (collarbone) Sam D’Arnold (mono) already out and that’s not including Andrew Luck, who suddenly retired in the Preseason.

If You Think You’re Better at Football Than Some of the Bengals, Go Try Out!

The Cincinnati Bengals fell to 0-2 after getting blown out by the San Francisco 49ers 41-17 this week, and Bengals fans were not pleased with the team's performance as they made their way to the exits early in the 4th quarter. Cincinnati Running Back Joe Mixon was not happy about that and made his thoughts known when talking to reporters post game.


Hear that? If you think you can help improve the Bengals, go try out!



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