Here's How The Government Shutdown Affected You

PHOTO: Getty Images

     Although the government shutdown is coming to a swift end, there was a consistent attitude that implied the shutdown was "no big deal." A government closing its doors even for a day costs the country money, and impacts any number of citizens, and this go around was no different. 

     Simply thanks to democrats wanting to shield illegal immigrants from the laws of this country (which is lunacy), the United States government barely operated on Friday, and then ran on a skeleton crew through Monday. It only took half a day for the battle against this flu epidemic to be hindered. 

     The CDC was incapacitated almost immediately, after basically stopping operations Wednesday and Thursday thanks to bad weather and illness. Luckily the Center for Disease Control and Prevention was able to open for all of about 5 minutes on Friday before the shutdown took place. The center then ordered 63 percent of their staff into furlough, and work was suspension. All of this as a flu epidemic is taking 70 lives a week. Hospitals in California and Alabama ordered a State of Emergency call thanks to hospital shortages of IV, antiviral medications, employees and even beds for the sick. Perfect timing for the CDC to go on vacation. 




     The shutdown costs the US money and stops something even as simple as visa applications, which can cost airline and travel companies millions. You may think there are no drawbacks when your government closes its doors for even a day, but could you imagine losing out on over 10 million dollars an hour? Well that's what happens. For citizens that seem to absolutely detest the idea of their government spending tax dollars poorly, why do we accept the equivalent of lighting money on fire? That's what happened, we could have potentially lit upwards of $300 million dollars on fire. Luckily you weren't affected...


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