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Where is the best place to park your cash?

Even Nvidia can't rescue the Dow!

Paul Lane and Marc Fandetti look at why markets tanked on Thursday. What does Nvidia's stock split mean for the Dow? Where is the last $6B in CHIPS Act money going to? Scarlett Johansson vs OpenAI will have major ramifications. What happens to ticket prices if Live Nation loses in court? Why are Auto and Home insurance costs soaring?

Will Live Nation finally get broken up?

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong discuss the Justice Department suing Live Nation and seeking a break up of ticketing giant. Prices at the pump are dropping just in time for summer travel season. Jamie Dimon says we can't rule out a hard landing. Why is Jamie Dimon always predicting doom? Boston's broken liquor license system is driving restaurants out of the city.

What can slow down Nvidia?

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong dive into the economic data released today, US jobless claims post back-to-back drop, and S&P global manufacturing PMI surprises. Fed officials saw longer wait for rate cuts. Nvidia sales triple, but are there signs that a slowdown is coming? OpenAI and NewsCorp strike content deal valued at $250M. Home sales fall again in April.

Why economists got their recession predictions so wrong

Chuck Zodda and Marc Fandetti analyze why so many economists got their recession predictions so very wrong. Omair Shariff, Founder - Inflation Insights, joins the show to discuss the current state of inflation. Why is gold so alluring to so many people right now? TV networks are throwing out the old playbook and embracing an 'age doesn't matter' philosophy. Where are all the young tech founders these days? 

Ask Todd: Is an estate ever too small for a trust?

On this week's edition of Ask Todd, Todd Lutsky explains why you should always create an estate plan even if you feel like you don't have enough money. Todd also details why plans need to expand with more extensive estates, step-up in basis in grand tour trusts, and how an estate is divided if a spouse dies before a divorce is finalized.

The inflation squeeze is hitting more Americans

Chuck Zodda and Marc Fandetti finds a major flaw in the recent Fed financial survey and the results that showed inflations ongoing burden on Americans. The Fed being uniform on interest rates brings high risk. Todd Lutsky stops by for his weekly segment, Ask Todd. Todd looks at how the size of your estate determines the complexity of your trust.

The psychological impact of rising gas prices

Mike Armstrong and Marc Fandetti discuss how gas prices are impacting our view of the economy as a whole. The US seeks to join forces with Europe to combat excess Chinese goods. Dan Griggs, OceanFirst Bank Boston President, joins the show to share his view on how inflation expectations have shifted and how the economy is fairing here in New England. Scarlett Johansson rebukes OpenAI over ChatGPT voice. Lowe's shares drop on weak home-improvement outlook. Tucker can't find a shirt at Macy's.

The unlikely sector that is getting a boost from AI

Mike Armstrong and Marc Fandetti wonder how the Fed officials that are speaking this week will address future rate cuts. Goldman says equity investors are bracing for a return of volatility. The unlikely stocks that became a hot bet on AI. Sarah Foster,, joins the show to share the results of a recent survey on financial success and what it means to different generations. 

Will the rise of AI mean Universal Basic Income becomes necessary?

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong explain why the 'godfather of AI' believes the adoption of AI will create a serious need for universal basic income. Social Security's 'biggest myth' leads people to claim early. Why that is a mistake. When to treat your 401(k) as a bank. And when to keep it locked up. Some consumers are punting big purchases like pools and mattresses. Why are grocery prices rising so much faster in Massachusetts?