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What is income? The Supreme Court is about to tell us.

The next two weeks will tell us a lot about recession in 2024

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong detail why the next two weeks of data releases will give us much better insight into recession odds for 2024. Powell brushes off rate-cut bets as Fed moves carefully. Investors snagged 1 in 5 homes for sale in Greater Boston. Spotify to layoff 17% of staff, its third round of job cuts this year. Alaska Air reaches deal to buy Hawaiian Airlines. Gold price hits all-time high as traders bet on interest-rates. Bitcoin surges past $42,000 as crypto rally gathers steam.

Why I love Elon Musk!

Chuck Zodda shares his love of Elon Musk of the release of the Cybertruck. Mike Armstrong chats with Sarah Foster,, about pay raises in 2023 and how most Americans wages increased pass inflation, but sentiment remains low. Four lucrative tax deductions that seniors often overlook. The big risk causing investors to shun China. McDonald's overhauls its biggest item. Paul LaMonica joins the show to talk about Charlie Munger's greatest contribution to the investment world.

Can the November rally continue into December?

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong discuss how markets greatly increased in November and if the data still points to a soft landing. ISM survey shows 'demand remains soft', index is negative for the 13th straight month. Retail traders cash out on bet that market rally is nearing an end. OPEC+ agrees to significant oil-production cut. Everett soccer stadium for the Revolution hits legislative roadblock, again. Wayfair undergoes multiple, small rounds of layoffs.

Americans are doom spending! What is doom spending?

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong discuss Americans continue their 'doom spending' and why this is a growing problem. Cigna and Humana are in talks for a blockbuster merger. Elon Musk uses the 'F' word for advertisers boycotting the platform. IBM will end its 401(k) match and will instead offer a hybrid plan. OPEC+ mulls new oil production cuts amid Middle East conflict. Kraft's newest Mac & Cheese is ditching the cheese.

Why is the Fed still undecided about the future of interest-rates?

Chuck Zodda and Mike Armstrong discuss consumer spending cooling off in October. Fed's 2024 voters are mixed on interest-rate hikes in the near future. Biggest blowout in Bonds since the 1980's sparks everything rally. Ford lost $1.7B in profits from UAW strike. Biden to limit Chinese role in U.S. EV market. China's economy faces a sour end to the year.

Ask Todd: Gifting assets shouldn't be complicated, but it is

Todd Lutsky, Cushing & Dolan - Elder Tax Lawyer, explains why gifting assets to your children isn't as straightforward as it seems. Todd details how to protect assets you eventually want to use a gifts.

Insiders are betting big that November's rally will continue

Chuck Zodda and Paul Lane discuss how insiders are buying up stocks in a possible sign that November's rally has room to run. GM plans $10B stock buyback in a bid to assuage investors. Apple pulls the plug on the Goldman credit-card partnership. Disney's Bob Iger plays down asset sales and vows to build a modern version of the company. Amazon introduces 'Q', an AI chatbot for companies. Lawsuit against Tree House is a classic small business struggle. Mark Cuban sells a majority stake in the Dallas Mavericks.

Charlie Munger's lasting impact on the investment world

Chuck Zodda and Paul Lane discuss the passing and lasting impact of famed investor and Warren Buffett's partner, Charlie Munger. Unhappy American consumers will welcome a slower economy. Todd Lutsky drops by for 'Ask Todd.' Todd shares his insights into how to go about using a gifting strategy in your estate plans.

Americans love to spend money and continue breaking shopping records

Mike Armstrong and Paul Lane discuss Cyber Monday online shopping spree forecasts to break record. Retailers, streaming services and others vie to build their own ad business. The pension: that rare retirement benefit gets a fresh look. High mortgage rates and housing costs pose new problems for couples who are divorcing. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is the #1 place to retire, according to silly studies. U.S. Whiskey is 'collateral damage' in trans-atlantic trade fight.