Grace Curley is the executive producer of the Howie Carr Show. She hosts a daily news segment on the program. As a columnist for the Boston Herald, Grace often gives her take on the mainstream media and politics. She is also the producer of the Dirty Rats podcast series. Follow her on Twitter, @G_Curley.





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Jennifer Oliver O'Connell - 02.11.21 - Hour 3

The Empire Strikes Back Against Gina Carano - 2.11.21 - Hour 2

In this hour, Grace discusses again the latest to get canceled by the Liberal Empire, Gina Carano from the Disney+ show "The Mandalorian".

Biden Administration To Restrict Domestic Travel - 02.11.21 - Hour 1

In this first hour, Grace discusses the Biden Administration's looming domestic travel restrictions.

Protester Storm Capitol Building - 01.06.21 - Hour 3.mp3

In today's final hour of the Grace Curley Show, Grace talks with people on the ground in D.C. where protestors breached the Capitol Building.

Mike Miller - 01.06.21 - Hour 2

In this hour, Grace interviews Mike Miller from RedState. Also, Grace's inaugural "Grace's Goodies" with Follansbee Inn!

Sean Davis - 01.06.21 - Hour 1

In this first hour, Grace talks with Sean Davis, co-founder of the Federalist, about the 2020 Presidential election and the fate of the GOP. Later, Grace tunes into President Trump's speech.

William Gensert - 01.05.21 - Hour 3

Grace talks with William Gensert from the American Thinker about the Left's quest for power. Also, at the end of the hour Howie Carr joins Grace!

"Not Dying Is Not Living" - 01.05.21 - Hour 2

Grace discusses the petition signed by thousands to keep Gov. Cuomo out of the Bills playoff game. Also, Grace discusses Gov. DeSantis' latest press conference.

Kyle Olson - 01.05.21 - Hour 1

In the first hour of the show Grace talks with Kyle Olson from Breitbart about his latest article highlighting Kamala Harris' puzzling childhood story.

Wokeism - 01.04.2021 - Hour 3

Thank you for listening to the debut episode of The Grace Curley Show! In this hour, Grace discusses The Left and Wokeism. Also, Grace talks with Shipwreckedcrew from RedState about the President's leaked phone call.