Dreamers Demand Amnesty NOW!

“If he won’t let us dream, we won’t let him sleep!"  

This was the chant by Dreamers outside of Chuck Schumer's New York City home Tuesday Night.  The protest at Casa de Schumer was put in motion by "United we Dream," a Social Justice organization, who released the following statement on their website:

"Our community is outraged by the Senate vote to pass a temporary budget deal with no solution for Dreamers. Instead of holding firm for Dreamers, Senator Schumer and most Senate Democrats backed down from their commitment to stand up for our communities.

Join us outside Senator Schumer’s house to remind him: Our lives are on the line, Chuck! We need a clean Dream Act Now–not in three weeks. Now. 122 Dreamers will continue to lose their status every day, potentially losing their jobs and being put at risk of deportation. Congress can’t continue to push the lives of 800,000 youth and their families aside. Dreamers are tired of empty promises and need a legislative solution NOW!

It is past time for Senator Schumer to use his political power in Congress as the minority leader and finally bring home a clean #DreamActNow for undocumented youth, without compromising the future of their families by funding a racist wall and increased border security measures that only tear families apart."

After storming Nancy Pelosi last year, the Dreamers have now publicly gone after the two biggest guns championing their cause.  And if there's one thing Politicians protect more than their votes, it's their power position ego. The question is whether or not Schumer and Pelosi feel they've been damaged.  To quote the great Pepper Brooks from "Dodgeball:" "Its a bold strategy, Cotton, lets see if it pays off for 'em."  

You can see some of the videos HERE.


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